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Facebook Promoted Post Scam (Part 2)

If you haven’t read my post from Wednesday Click here >> Facebook Promoted Post Scam (Part 1)

So in my last post we spoke about why Facebook promoted posts are a little misleading and could attract unwanted bots that eat away your precious ad budget.  So how do you get around this problem and start promoting your posts to people that matter – your fans.  Let me explain.

If you haven’t read my post from Wednesday Click here >> Facebook Promoted Post Scam (Part 1)

Ok, so for those who think promoted posts are new, think again!  Facebook has just packaged a page post ad (either to fans and/or friends of fans) and a sponsored story together and disabled any chance of editing your ad.  Cheeky!

This basically adds a whole load of perceived value to your ad as you notice your clicks and engagement go through the roof!

So is there any way to edit the ads so I can just target my fans?

Well, yes.  You can create a page post ad and target that to your fans.

Or, if you want to keep your promoted post, you can just delete the sponsored story.  This one act alone will reduce the amount you spend on irrelevant clicks.

So we now have an ad that will be promoted to our fans only, great! Just what we wanted in the first place!  But this still leaves the promoted post in place, with almost no way of editing the targeting or pricing.

How do we get round this problem?

Let’s look at how we can use Facebook Power Editor to help up customize our once rigid promoted posts.

What you need to do first is to open up Faceboo Power Editor in Google Chrome, locate your active campaign and follow these steps:

  1. Find your promoted post (it should be named similar to the ad in the screen shot above).
  2. Hit the duplicate button to create an exact copy of the ad.
  3. Edit the name of this new ad and call it something different from the original, something like “_______ Fan Ad” would work.
  4. Change the bidding settings on the duplicate ad you have just created to CPM.
  5. Change any geo-targeting you would like to add.
  6. Click UPLOAD that is located at the top right of the blue bar (top of screen).


 Any Adverse consequences…

There is only 1 negative when implementing this method that is Facebook won’t recognise what you have done, so there will not be any post insights relating to the promotion.

I hope this helps you reduce your advertising while staying in-front of your audience.  Tell me all about the awesome results you are getting in my comments below.


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