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Facebook Promoted Posts Scam (Part 1)

Have you been using Facebook’s new advertising feature – promoted posts?  Well, I have been testing it out with my fan page and that of my clients and have been getting pretty good results in relation to reach, click-though-rate and new likes.  But, all is not what it seems!

With some promoted posts the figures sometimes seem too good to be true and with others I have noticed strange comments from bots and new likes from names I can’t even pronounce!  Could this be a case of spam? The elements of the Promoted Posts that could affect the level of spam are as follows:

  • Optimised CPM
  • Friends of Fans
  • A Stealth Sponsored Story

Let me explain…

When you promote a Post, Facebook creates the following ad units:

  1. Your post is promoted in the News Feeds of Fans
  2. Your post is promoted in the News Feeds of Friends of Fans (if selected)
  3. A Sponsored Story is created in the sidebar for Fans and Non-Fans

If you target Fans and Friends of Fans, all three ad units are created. If you target Fans only, the first and third ad units are created.  I have found that even when targeting Fans only, this sponsored story get’s created and promoted to non-fans and is the source of about 70% of the total clicks!  This get’s worse when combined with optimised CPM.

Optimised CPM

Optimised CPM is great in theory if you are targeting a clean audience.  But it’s generally hard to avoid bots, who are the users that tend to click on your ads the most.

Usually you get an option of CPC, CPM or optimised CPM when creating an ad on Facebook, but with a promoted post Facebook sets optimised CPM as default.  This basically means Facebook will show your ad to people who are more likely to click on your ad.

Obviously this problem become worse if you have bought fans or already have a bot/spam problem.

What to do?

I’m not saying promoted posts are to be avoided, they are great at reaching your fans on your page, but you could be throwing money away on engagement with bots.

The problem is that most pages do not have enough fans to spend more that afew pounds over a couple of days when promoting to fans only.  You also need to remember that your fans will only see your promoted post once.  This could be why a sponsored story has been added, to increase the reach and spend of your promoted post.

Essentially, you can manually create all three ads that are created with a promoted posts by using a page post ad and sponsored story. In the next post I’m going to dig into the exact technique that you can use to minimise spam and lower your advertising spend.

Please let me know if you have come across anything likes this before when using Facebook’s promoted post feature, leave me a comment below! 


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