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Facebook – What Would You Do Without It?

Facebook had cemented itself as ‘The’ social network; with over 800 million it is the choice social media platform for nearly half of the worlds web users!

Now we are living in the year 2012, what does Facebook have to offer in the coming months and years?

  • Facebook’s marketing capabilities will be extended; integration throughout the web via their open-source applications,
  • More businesses are marketing on Facebook FIRST, then considering other platforms,
  • Integrations of e-commerce shops onto Fan Pages; removing the need to leave Facebook,
  • The new Timeline feature gives a more professional and interactive design element to the already addictive platform!

Facebook had fundamentally changed the way we communicate and share content with each other.  So please take a moment to explore ‘A World Without Facebook’ below.

I would love to hear how Facebook has changed your life (for better or worse!) please drop me a comment below.


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