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Consequences of Facebooking Your Parents & Other Facebook Sins

Gone are the days of Facebook being a student-only club.  If you’re a student there’s a good chance your parents have got a Facebook account too.  But when it comes to friending your mum or dad, do you accept or decline?

Let me take you back to my student years… was a fun, crazy, rollercoaster ride of an experience.  Facebook played an important and sometimes obsessive role for keeping in-touch with friends back home and connecting with new buddies on my course.   Never at any point have I even thought about adding my parents on Facebook, a point I made very clear to them!   Years have passed and I still don’t feel like I want to add my mum or dad as a friend, even though they have sent a request many times!

How do you feel about this?  92% of parents who use social media are Facebook friends with their kids.  Am I the odd one out? Anyway, 1 in 3 teens says they are embarrassed by parents comments .

More Facebook Sins

How many times do you check your Facebook every day? Do you suffer from FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out? Can you go 1 day without scrolling the newsfeed and updating your status? 

Facebook addiction is no joke, it is one of the top ranked digital addictions  The keyword ‘Internet Facebook addiction’ has been mentioned over 120 million mentions across the internet.

One father has taken matters into his own hands to help his 14 year old daughter go ‘cold turkey’ without Facebook for 5 months.  He drew up a contract with his daughter that promised a financial reward if she stuck to the contract which detailed that if she remains Facebook-free from 3 months, her father will pay her a total of $200.  She’s given her father the password to her account, so he can also change her password and deactivate it so there will be no cheating!

Would you deactivate your Facebook account for a financial reward?   I am not sure if I would:-)

Power To People

With social media becoming a dominant force in customer service and word-of-month marketing, it comes as not surprise that 80% of businesses are planning to incorporate social media customer support into their online strategy.   Although not dominant force in customer service, social media does give more power to the customer due to the public nature of online complaints.  Customers are now expecting companies to be more responsive online.

I would like to share with you an infographic that presents research from Infosys.  There are some interesting findings, let me share some before you dig in.

  • Social media users will spend an additional 11% for excellent service
  • 83% of social media users have abandoned a purchased after poor customer service
  • 46% of customers expect companies to have a Facebook Page
  • 30% of customers expect a response on Twitter within 1 hour 
  • 22% of customer expect a response on Facebook on the same day


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