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FREE Facebook Business Cards

Good Morning,

I’ve just discovered a REALLY cool feature of the new Facebook Timeline (thanks to the guys over at Hubze that has been made possible by a company called Moo.   There is now an option to print a set of business cards for FREE with MOO using data from your Facebook profile and your cover & default photo! The back of the card is reserved for your favorite quote or sentence about yourself.

Moo explains the concept in a blog post, “the bigger the image, the better the print…when we first heard Facebook were redesigning their profile page to include large format photography, it was pretty clear to us that this would look great on a business card.”

Below is a how-to video from MOO that shows you step-by-step how to transfer the data from Facebook to MOO, really simple stuff.  Hurry now to get your first 50 cards FREE!


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