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Google+ For Business Explained – Expert Panel Hangout

Google+ is just for tech geeks I hear you scream?!  Why should you bother spending your precious time on ANOTHER social network.  You’re already struggling to keep up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the others.   One more is just too much!

So before you even decide to give Google+, you’ve already dismissed it.  This can be dangerous for some businesses.  Google+ could be a hidden gold mine for your company.  But you’ve just missed out.

Think about it.

Google is a MAJOR player in nearly all of your online activities.

I can guarantee you that 99% of people can’t go a full day without Googling something.

Google owns the cat video powerhouse YouTube.

We use Google Maps instead of paper maps.

Most of us now use Gmail, even if we’re not using a Gmail hosted email address.

Google Adwords is still THE major player in PPC advertising.

We all use Google Analytics on our websites (where would we be without it!).

Google Drive is popular for cloud storage and integration with other Google services.

Google Calendar  has replaced most online/digital calendars and works seamlessly with Gmail and other Google apps.

I am currently writing this blog post in a Google Chrome web browser.

So along comes Google’s new social network Google+.  Many think that this network isn’t particularly useful.  But you need to look at the bigger picture.  Google+ will become a major player because of all their existing systems and data that will help the usefulness of the site.

Oh and did I forget to mention Google+ has a higher ‘active usage‘ than Twitter or YouTube, and is 2nd only to Facebook.

Google+ For Business Explained

So how do you start to navigate this new social network and how can you leverage Google+’s feature for your business?

I got together with some Google+ experts from the Ingenious Britain LinkedIn Group on a Google Hangout (one of the many amazing features on Google+).

We discussed the basics (and some advanced stuff) of setting up your profile, how to start using the new feature for your business and the main SEO benefits and how you can start using them today.

The experts and topics covered are:

How to optimise your Google+ business profile – James Day – Social Media Manager at Ingenious Britain

– James Day is Ingenious Britain’s Social Media Manager. He’s been with the team for just over six months now, and is striving to help small businesses by promoting top content, promoting the Ingenious Britain social community, and blogging on social media.

Hangouts & Circles – Me!

How to integrate Google+ with your existing social media strategy and marketing strategy – Ian Gentles, Digital Marketer at Banburyshire Info

–       Ian Gentles is the founder and Digital Marketing Manager of Banburyshire Info. He’s a digital marketing specialist, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, providing a consultancy and training service for companies wanting to maximise the returns of their digital marketing investment.

Google Authorship and SEO – Kate Tolley, CEO of Really Good SEO

– Kate Tolley has been developing websites and optimising them for search engines since 1999. She is the founder of Really Good SEO, where she specialises in the geeky and technical side of SEO and drinks a lot of coffee.

Below you will find the recording of our Hangout.  Sit back and relax.  Skip the video in about 6 minutes, there were some technical issues.


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