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How NOT to Run Your Facebook Campaign – Rule 2

Posting updates to your Facebook Fan Page Timeline is essential for every business on Facebook, but many business owners haven’t even thought about a posting strategy and the sort of content their audience is interested in, which is essential to actually making progress and keeping your audience engaged.

I come across many Fan Pages on a daily basis and one of the most common mistakes I see is constant push content.  This consists of promotional posts about their products or business that doesn’t offer any value to their fans and almost always results in NO beneficial engagement.

So what is an ideal posting strategy?

There is no black and white answer to this, but let me give you some guidelines on what’s been working for me and my clients.  Your posting strategy will depend on how many fans you have, what industry you are in, how much content your are producing and what goals you’ve set out to achieve through social media.

If you are B2C or B2B and have less then 1000 fans:

  • Post between once or twice per day, either in the morning or evening
  • Ask questions, use fill in the blanks, almost always include a photo, make use of video
  • Only promote your business once or twice per week
  • Share content that your audience are interested in (use Facebook insights, sort posts by engaged users; this should give you a good idea of what posts have worked well)
  • Provide value for your audience – offers, ebooks, competitions, giveaways, articles etc
  • Simply ask your fans to like or comment on the post – you’ll be surprised at how well this works!
  • Any more than 1000 fans – post 3-4 times per day 

Posting at the right time with the right content at the right frequency is just a simple method to increase the likelihood of engagement with your audience.  Of course if you find that your fans interact more during the day, then it would be beneficial to post at this time.

I hope this post have given you some useful actionable advice, please let me know what has been working for you in the comments below.


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