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How NOT to Run Your Facebook Campaign – Rule 3

There are certain rules you need to follow on Facebook to avoid alienating your audience.  I have previously posted articles highlighting Rule 1 & Rule 2,  I would recommend reading these articles right now!

Now we’ve got your mindset fixed up and your content creation schedule sorted, let move on to Rule 3 – Never Ignore ANY of the comments on your Fan Page.

Apart from the random spam comments your may receive, positive & negative comments need responding to as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.  This will ensure that the user realises you have listened to them and have taken it upon yourself to react quickly.

If the comment is positive:

  • Carry on the conversation with questions
  • Respond to each commenter in a new comment
  • @Tag the user in the comment (hit backspace once after tagging to remove their last name)
  • Like all comments that are positive
  • Do not like your own status’
  • Show genuine interest in what your fans have to say
  • Offer them further value either on or off your fan page
The reason why it’s important to carry on the conversation is to increase the edge rank of your post.  Basically this means the more likes, comments, clicks and shares your post receives, the more exposure Facebook will give your post.


If the comment is negative:

  • Do not delete (unless absolutely necessary)
  • Let them know you have understood them
  • Try to resolve the matter professionally and publicly
  • Offer them some sort of compensation ( if appropriate)
  • Make sure they leave your page with a better image of your company

I hope you can see the need to continue conversations on Facebook, this sneaky little strategy will really help boost the edge rank for your posts and increase exposure on Facebook.  The more fans that see your post the more chance your post will have of going viral!

If you’ve come across an angry customer before, please let me know in the comments how you dealt with them.


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