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How People Spend Their Time Online

In todays world is pretty crazy how much time we all spend online!  With a ton of information out there and lightening quick internet connections (for some of us!) it’s no wonder that the average global internet user spends 16 hours online per month, and if you are from the US then that doubles to 32 hour per month!

We all know how much of a drain social networks can be on our time.  Have you ever wondered how long you spend on Facebook? Well on average you spend close to 8 hours a month! I can imagine that figure is somewhat inflated if you were to study the 18-25 demographic!

The info graphic i have found for you below, is packed with facts and figures about our browsing habits and the average time spent online.  Some of these figures may even SHOCK you!

Please let me a comment below and let me know how many hours (you think) you spend online.


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